CHiPSET is not merely a club or organisation. It is an idea. It is an idea that unifies various people from various banners under one single banner. It is one place where one feels voice his opinion on his take of the things happening around him, it is the sprouting platform for the budding ideas and extraordinary talents of hackers, innovators, programmers, script writers, entrepreneurs and technocrats.


It is an effort towards bringing together innovative minds who dare to see the world differently and hold the potential to use their talents to bring changes to their immediate surroundings and society at large. It gives a place where young minds who dare to dream can take the lead to work towards fulfilling them and be the instrumentals of the change. Through this non-profit organization, we hope to collaborate with fresh and talented minds across India and be integrated into a big family where young minds are free to imagine, and make their imaginations come true. We have been recognised by many open source communities namely, Mozilla and Scrollback.

CHiPSET assures vital discussions on trending topics. Through CHiPSET, people will not only get an important platform to showcase their ideas, but also get expert help from all over the country in materialising their ideas. It is an open ground. Anyone who is brave enough to believe in their ideas and involve others in them is welcome.


At CHiPSET, we hope to be able to help every member in benefitting to the fullest from our programme. Through a collaboration of students from top engineering colleges like the IITs, NITs, IIITs and others, we aim at achieving maximum cooperation between colleges across the country.


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