teXus : JULY 4, 2015

CHiPSET has collaboration with many national and international communities namely, Google Developers Group, Mozilla and Scrollback. teXus was an event that was aptly supported by these communities and the date chosen aptly apprehended itself too.


It was my 19th birthday. On this occasion, I gifted myself an ambitious event in collaboration with Mozilla , Scrollback and GDG Chennai. With a whopping crowd of 170 enthusiasts, Tech gurus talked about opportunities for the youth and held sessions on various tech-driven communities.


MozillaΒ with their mission to promote openness innovation and opportunity on the internet, Mozilla aims in building a better internet. Mozilla keeps the web alive and accessible worldwide and believes that this is essential for individual growth and collective future. To learn more about who we are, where we come from and how we’re making the web better for you.

GDG ChennaiΒ aims in bringing technologists together and provides platform to develop, interact and brain storm among themselves. GDG brings best of technologies such as Android, Design, Google cloud, Security, Hackathons and much more.

ScrollbackΒ – wondered on building community? Passionate about a product or project? Tell people what you love and get paid? Interested in doing ‘walk the talk’? In short want to be community guru?