Want to be a “community guru”? If yes, what are you waiting for and if not then here’s why you’d love to become one.

You might have heard of many global level communities and Scrollback is one of those very famous and promising community. Scrollback is a community for those who are neither afraid of taking up a stand nor restrained by the prospect of speaking what they think and thinking what they speak. So yes, basically a community entitled to give wings to literary and visionary prospective of an individual is what Scrollback is all about.


Have you ever wondered how delightful and awesome it is to express your thoughts and ideas on an all India based platform and let others know about it? Well through Scrollback you are presenting your thoughts in front of people from different cultures, states and different mindsets too, debating with the best of students and at the same time learning from them, understanding how they think about a particular problem and in the entire process enriching yourselves with new ideas. Just imagine how brilliantly amazing it would be to be exposed to such an exposure.

Okay, now comes the best part amigos so hold on your breath. I’m pretty sure we’ve always had those lazy thoughts in our mind saying “oh god, I have to travel all the way just to attend an event?” Or or “why do i have to go to an unknown place miles away to express my views?” And so lying on our beds, we start killing “house-wives” oh I’m so sorry “house-flies” ,I meant.
Guess what? Scrollback is all about finger touch. The best thing about this tremendous global community is you do not need to travel across places to attend seminars, debates and events. You also wouldn’t have to face tantrums of being late for an event and most importantly you don’t have to face the predicament if attending an event today in Bangalore maybe, and have to rush back to Chennai for your university exam the next day. You could always participate in Scrollback discussions with a mere touch, right from the place where you are.

The Scrollback app is available in Google PlayStore, just download the app, make a community of your own, create a chat room of your own interest and there you are BINGO! It’s done.

Speak on whatever you want and from wherever you want to. It is basically a community of communities. Scrollback not just organizes online events but also offline events too. They bring in vibrant and best-off speakers to various places to boost the confidence of many young energetic students.

Well,Offline events gives that on-stage feel while online events enables you to sit in Kanyakumari and place your views in front of people around the globe. In short, Scrollback breaks boundaries of time and place to help people raise their voice and gain exposure like others dream of.
“Our integrity sells for very little, it is small and it is fragile and it is the only thing in the world worth having. We must never give to anybody or let anyone take it away from us. ” Welcome to Scrollback ” a community of communities working relentlessly towards the provision of a global platform for an individual to uphold his integrity. The experience, maturity and knowledge that you gain by participating in Scrollback events is priceless. Unknowingly, your communication skills develop. All this are handy resources to keep in possession to stand head and shoulders above the rest. You will neither refrain from bringing your opinion to surface nor disregard others’ without hearing. Such real time experiences make you a real team player, who in certain matters is as immovable as rock while in a few others swims with the crowd and what is worth noting is the he actually knows where to draw the line while handling tough situations. So get the app or go online and get started.

Arkodyuti Saha
Scrollback Guru 😉


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