You can contribute without being a coder!

You do not have to be a coder to contribute to open source.

There are many different skill sets needed to help an open source community thrive:

Documentation: If you are a good writer and enjoy attention to detail then you might want to contribute by writing or editing documentation. Documentation is a huge part of a successful open source project. Organizations need documentation to help attract new contributors as it helps them see what the codebase looks like and where things are and what the plan is for the project.

Research: An organization may need help crunching numbers or sorting through pages of documents to better understand what the users want or need.  There are many different types of tasks that students could work on that are very important to the health of the project.

Outreach: If you have an outgoing personality and like being around and talking to people, take a look at the outreach tasks. Outreach tasks often include hosting meetups in your local community or creating a plan on how people around the globe can host a meetup about the project in their local communities.

Training: You could create a YouTube video discussing a new feature of the project or maybe some basics on what the project does so people who haven’t heard about it can understand the project and get involved.

User Interface: User interface can include many types of tasks including designing new aspects of a webpage or creating a new logo for the project. It may also include various accessibility opportunities to help make the project easier for people who are blind.

Quality Assurance: Often the organizations would like your help finding bugs in their software and you may even be fixing the bugs to make the software healthier.

Other: If you have an idea that may help an organization, reach out to them and let them know! Sometimes the best task is one that the organization hasn’t even considered yet.


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