How Hello Web started off..

Just think, what would have happened if the great Albert Einstein had chosen not to publish his results or Karl Marx had chosen to remain silent and not vocalize his revolutionary ideas? Surely, science would have been incomplete without the famous E=mc² and an entirely new philosophy called ‘Communism’ would have never seen daylight. Those ideas would have been there buried under the earth in some remote grave and the world at large would have remained ignorant to such wonderful dimensions of human thinking. However big, however bad this world may be, one thing is for certain: It works by sharing of knowledge, opening the your treasure of virtuous labour to others and in turn enriching yourself with the joy, the unconditional truthful smile that comes imbibed with such a fruitful work. Hello Web is an intriguing effort to spread Web Literacy to the people across Kolkata – as we feel knowledge is best utilized when it is shared.


Joining hands to gear ourselves for the effort we are going to make for the next 10days we all met at the famous Cha Bar,Oxford Book House,Kolkata. 


Raising our toasts over cups of ‘darjeeling tea’ and fruit cake slices we discussed and brainstormed ideas on the sessions we are going to conduct in schools, colleges and rural areas.

10 days

240 hours

“Let’s work to make the world Web Literate . Not for recognition.”

Day 2…..


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