Intro to Open Source Communities

13th December, 2015, Volunteers of CHiPSET took up the initiative to introduce the immense possibilities and perspectives offered by Open Source Communities as a part of Hello Web to the students of class XI. The FSA’s held brief sessions each spanning 15 minutes to bring into retrospect of their delegates how Open Source Communities like Mozilla work and how each and how everyone can contribute his/her ideas towards the development of the community.


The delegates were encouraged to actively voice their opinions about such communities and their questions were duly entertained until a satisfactory smile appeared on their faces. The delegates were told about the Global Exposure that one is subjected by being an active cooperative part of these communities. Around 150 students attended actively the session.


A brief session on Google Code-in was also conducted to make the delegates aware of the outstanding opportunity that lies within reach to gain some real hands-on project development experience by participating in this initiative by Google.


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