St. Mary’s School – Here We Come

The day was Wednesday, December 19, 2015, Firefox Student Ambassadors walked into St. Mary’s School, Taltala, Kolkata, with a single thought in mind – an eternal wish to inspire students of this institution to become good Web Citizens by spreading Web Literacy on the part of the initiative Hello Web. By Hello Web we wanted to inspire people to become good Web Citizens, the web that is so fruitful, that is such a treasure house of resource and entertainment should utilized to its potential but the user should follow certain norms, certain ethics. As users of the web, it becomes our moral responsibility to abide by these ethics. And good web citizens are obtained by spreading web literacy across the hierarchy from the very grass root level. So, the delegates of the four sessions conducted by us were students of standard 8 and 9.

Four Sessions having the same agenda were conducted for students of Classes 8 and 9. Each session was attended by over 50 students representing the various sections of these (each class had two sections). The total number of Web Literate was around 220.

Each session was started by giving the delegates an introduction to ‘Open Source and Open Source Communities.’ Detailed explanation as to what an Open Source is and how Open Source Communities work were given to the delegates. To make the session interactive, live examples corresponding to Open Source and Open Source Communities were given. The delegates got an insight into how Open Source Communities like Mozilla work and how each and everyone associated can contribute to the growth of these global communities. After introducing the concept of Open Source, the session moved into its second phase where Firefox Student Ambassadors gave the delegates an insight into how the web works, what actually happens when one types the url, ‘’ and presses enter and how webpages are made. The delegates watched with their eyes wide open and mind fully focused as basics of the functioning of the web were discussed. The role played by TCP/IP as well as the usage of HTML and CSS in designing websites was thoroughly discussed. This phase was made even more interesting by involving the delegates in a Quiz. The delegates had to answer verbal and picturesque questions corresponding to the various technologies that makes the web work to earn themselves Mozilla goodies. The student response was overwhelming. Energy was bursting through their veins as did everything in their might to lay their hands on one of the Mozilla stickers up for grabs. After the quiz, the delegates sat down and tuned their minds to listen to the next session in which the FSA’s depicted the functioning of the Mozilla Appmaker. A musical app titled ‘Play to the Beats’ was made right in front of their eyes and mechanisms involved in making an app were thoroughly depicted. The rich set of customizable assets provided by Mozilla Appmaker were also shown. The last phase of the each session was an insight into the active development of Communication Skills and Public Speaking. The delegates were introduced to Scrollback in this phase. The enormous importance of possession of good communication skills were thoroughly discussed, some tips on public speaking were given and lastly the delegates were encouraged to come on the dice and speak on any topic of their choice for atleast two minutes. It was a great opportunity for these budding teens to make the stage their own and overcome the fear of facing the crowd. The delegates were introduced to Google Code-in and encouraged to participate in it.

The delegates were encouraged to ask questions and clarify their doubts. Each question was taken very seriously and every attempt was made to clarify their doubts. Live Examples were given and the most satisfactory moment for any of us taking the session was to see the satisfactory knowing smile on the answer seeker’s face when his doubt was clarified. At the end of the day we felt extremely honored and privileged for being able spread some fundamental information about the web, give some tips on personality development and most importantly for being able to inspire more than 200 budding bright minds of tomorrow to be good Web Citizens.


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