From the Crew of Hello Web

The Crew of Hello Web share their experiences on their Web Literacy venture:


  • Shreenath Tewari: “Arkodyuti Saha had been a friend, philosopher and guide throughout our initiative to spread Web Literacy across the city of joy – Kolkata. It had been a pleasure working with the crew of Hello Web. Each and every individual was enthusiastic about the initiative from the beginning and worked with the same erstwhile exemplary vigour and will right through, skiing their assigned job punctually and professionally. Never for one moment did it feel like I was alone in the initiative, we were always a team – even when the bow crashed into troughs, even when ship sailed in the flat calm. Besides coworkers, they were all great friends. Arkodyuti was an exceptional mentor, he led by example but not for one moment tried to hold on to something by will. He was always welcome to suggestions and never tried to force his way through. Thus, it was a pleasure working with the crew of Hello Web with Arkodyuti as mentor and I will always be optimistic towards such projects in the future.”


  • Debol Das: “It was a good time working with Arkodyuti.The event was very well organised. It was a very interactive session. The response of the students was quite good.Our captain, he was just amazing in all aspects. . starting with event hosting and then guiding us.I was able to learn a lot of new things and it was a good experience altogether.”IMG-20151214-WA0002
  • Rayan Dutta: “Hello Web – An Event about Web Literacy.
    7 days. 10 hours a day. 70 hours of ultimate excitement.
    Popular hashtags like #HelloWeb and #TeachTheWeb were globalized.
    There were a lot of social media hits, but then when the event went live, we actually started teaching the web to people, aiming for better web citizens and making people aware about open source communities.
    Overall. it was an amazing experience to work with my colleagues Debol, Kalyan, Namrata, Sayan and Shreenath, as they were very co-operative and we worked together to aim for better web citizens.
    Arkodyuti has been the most amazing mentor, guiding me along every small step I take, motivating us to keep working and setting goals for us to complete, and being with us, through and through. He was never dominating, yet, he lead us as a friend, and not as a mentor. It has been the most amazing experience having Arkodyuti not only as a mentor, but as a leader, a great personality, a knowledgeable person, a motivated personality, and most of all, as a friend.”


  • Sayan Sadhukhan: “This experience as a FSA helped me develop my learning and leadership skills. Arkyodyuti has been a good mentor through and through, motivating me to do more. I look forward to 2016, for more opportunities.”


  • Namrata Kundu: “Working as an FSA and providing web literacy to the young minds in various places has been a great experience. It helped me gain more confidence and leadership qualities and some moments unforgettable. I’m glad to be a part of such a team and have Arkodyuti as a mentor who has been throughout the journey of HelloWeb and helped all the crew members to carry out the event pretty well. It was a great motivation to start with and I am looking forward to 2016 for further work,  oppurtunities and experiences.”


  • Kalyan Maji: “This was a wonderful to be acquainted with joy one gets by teaching bright young minds of tomorrow about the web – something that is an integral part of their present and would go a long way in defining their future. The crew of Hello Web consisted of wonderful people – they were great friends and just the kind of people one would like to have around to take up a task of this magnitude. Arkodyuti is great mentor, a man with an eye for details – a perfectionist who never tries to boss his way around. It was an enriching experience to work with such a team for such a noble cause and I am looking forward to carry on this initiative to other parts of the country in the years to come.”

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