Web Literacy – Making better Web Citizens

Web Literacy is not a one way traffic. Web Literacy is not something by the virtue of which we look to instill among people the love for web development, it as an ongoing integral process by the virtue of which we encourage students to become good Web Citizens. As it is our duty to be good dutiful citizens of the country and the world at large, it is also the duty of each and every internet user to duly and rightly associate the term β€˜good’ with tagline β€˜Web Citizens’. We discuss with our delegates the immense possibilities of being a part of Open Source Communities – the global exposure that one gets subjected to when he actively participates and considers himself to be at one with the community. The delegates are given vivid description of how the web works, what actually happens when you type β€˜www.mozilla.org’, how can a person build a website for himself and how can he actively contribute to the development of the web. Beside these technical aspects, the delegates are inspired to be good Web Citizens – people who care about the ethics of usage of internet and duly follow the duties that come imbibed with the active utilization of technology. Thus spreading Web Literacy is best way we can give something meaningful, something fruitful back to the technology (i.e. Internet) that has helped shape our future in the way we know, in the way we see it.


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