Make With Mozilla-Chennai 2016

I’ve done a lot of Mozilla Web Literacy events in my college/local areas and even in many cities holding Web Literacy Campaigns in the past 1.5 years . But then it’s always that I’ve worked with a different crew for different campaigns I’ve conducted. From the land of idli-dosa-sambar to the sweet rasogulla and misti-doi, the crowd loves the Fox.

12th February 2016-Chennai
Arko: “Hey Ashun! Leadership Summits are amazing. Did you just check Shreyas’s latest insta-post?”
Ashun: “Our Super-Mentor’s Time Zone fluctuates a lot.”
Arko: “How about hosting a Mozillians Meet from the various Mozilla Clubs I, mentor for?”
Ashun: “It’s gonna be hectic bro. I guess hardly anyone has done it before.”
Arko: “ Let’s do it.”

I was counting on the days but then wasn’t much convinced with the event setup. It was my very first event on such a large scale. I struggled with the agenda, the prerequisites we could probably have for the event and many more.

20th February 2016-Bangalore
I was attending Gophercon India-2016 at Taj by Vivanta, Bangalore. The conference was amazing and so was the food. Well, I did grab a lot of goodies from the various outsourcing partners for the event. During tea-break talks people asked me about my Mozillian Story and were very impressed and also encouraged me to contribute more to the community.

Also grabbed in a chance in brainstorming ideas, about the community with my Mentor Shreyas Narayan Kutty at Cafe Coffee Day,Bangalore.

I was heading back to Chennai along with my three Mozilla Club co-workers. I proposed the idea of the event to the three of them. They were up for it at one go.

Debol: “What’s the reason behind conducting this event?”
Arko: “It’s time to change the Way, We #teachtheweb .”
Shreenath: “Make With Mozilla.”

We then discussed on the agenda and the other prerequisites we would require to conduct such an event. My homework was ready for the next one week to Google the entire Mozilla events that had happened, grab ideas/suggestions from various Mozillians.

I was convinced with the agenda and event details in a week time for Make With Mozilla and was in a state to pitch it to anyone.

Finally, pitched the idea to my Mentor, Shreyas Narayan Kutty. He always motivates me for what I’ve done and always gives a catalyst suggestion to create a spark in any whatever initiative I take up. He was also up for this event with a lot of hope.


I had to make, Make With Mozilla happen. I didn’t at all concentrate on the numbers but as always on the impact.

01st March 2016- Burger King, Pheonix Marketcity, Chennai.
Called for a meetup with few Mozillians suggested by my Mentor Shreyas who would help me to conduct this event. We discussed on the budget for venue, food, goodies, logistics, event setup and more. We split our tasks for the event and called for another meetup the next day.

02nd March 2016- Café Coffee Day,Ramapuram,Chennai.

Around 15 volunteers met together to discuss more on the event. We listed out the various event venue, tried reaching out to them. Few of us were busy scribbling out the budget for the goodies and food. Volunteers for the event were busy working out on the venue setup budget.

04th March 2016- Kovalam Beach,Chennai.

Chennai is famous for beaches. And the theme for the event we wanted to be quite as related to that. We were adamant in holding this event, in a beach resort unlike other events which happen mostly in corporate workspaces or star hotels.

Around 30kms away from Chennai, under scorching 38 degrees I and Azhar (Yes! He is a Mechanical Engineering student but as dedicated to the Mozilla Community than anyone else in my crew), were out in search of the Make With Mozilla Event venue. Listed out a few beach resorts/penthouses. We were not much convinced with the venue. We wanted a proper setup like the way we planned it to be.

05th March 2016-ECR,Chennai.
Add one more Volunteer, Debol Das (A Electronic Engineering Student but has been a part of many Mozilla Web Literacy initiatives already) accompanied us to figure out the venue for the event.

JJ Gardens, Beach Resort, ECR, Chennai – March 26th 2016 was the final mark we updated to our calendar for Make With Mozilla.

For the next 20 days we worked on inviting the Speakers for the event. Discussing the clear goals from the event keeping in mind the Mozilla Learning Network mission in 2016.
Developers and Designers of the MWM Crew were busy working on their domain. We had volunteers for P&R who pitched in the idea for the event in various colleges across Chennai like SRM University, VIT , Satyabhama University, IIIT and more.

March 25th 2016-Chennai
-Event Venue Setup – Checked
-Catering – Checked
-Goodies/giveaways – Checked
-Guest Speakers – Checked
-Logistics – Checked

“Phew! That wasn’t that easy. Sleepless night.”
Returned home at around 02:00AM . We all again had to get back to the venue for the final setup of MWM before sunrise.

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock———05:00AM we all left for the venue.


March 26th 2016-The MWM Day

Most of us in the crew (myself included) were hosting a Mozilla event of this magnitude for the first time. Food, guest greeting, participant registration, stage setup. . . The list was truly endless and work relentless. But they were moments that every crew member would cherish, here you had a few volunteers putting banners and posters, few penning down the script, few analyzing those last minute alterations, some setting up the stage, while some more taking care of participants and guests.

The event started at 10:30 am and after brief Keynote/introduction to the community by Azhar & Varun Nair, our guest and Mozilla India Taskforce Lead (MLN India Team) Shreyas Narayan Kutty took over. He enlightened the participants about open source communities and Mozilla.

Mr. Varun Raj of GDG, Chennai then talked about the process of pushing code into the cloud.

To grab in the social media about the happening in and around we introduced #hastag contest with experiences the participants had. Ace Hacker offered gifts to the participants with maximum number of social media counts with the prescribed #hastags.

The gathering then departed for lunch. Red Bull geared up the participants by giving away Red Bull cans during the break with small interaction.

After lunch the the real hack began. Participants were assembled into random teams and they worked together to make something that can be used to spread web literacy, to teach the web the way want. It was really encouraging to see a gathering of more 100 students sitting together and brainstorming ideas to create something candid with volunteers and
mentors assisting them in every way possible.

The participants went over to see 3D printers print in three dimensions as Redd Robotics took an interactive session. Prasant Mohan & Chitrarth Manoharan gave an intro to the working and demo on the technology of 3D Printing by 3Ding.

Make With Mozilla officially came to an end with prize distribution by Mr. Shreyas Narayan Kutty and the formal vote of thanks by Arkodyuti Saha(me) at around 03:30 pm.

I would like to thank all our Sponsors/Event partners for all the support they have made to make Make With Mozilla 2016 happen successfully.
Sponsors & Event Partners:
1. Mozilla Clubs
3. Ace Hacker
4. GDG Chennai
5. 3Ding (Redd Robotics)
6. Scrollback
7. Hey Neighbour
8. Loveink

This event would not have been possible without the individual efforts made by these people. I didn’t dream it alone to make Make With Mozilla happen. They too did. Thank-you everyone for all the support you have made for MWM 2016 to make it happen successfully.

1. Azhar Shams
2. Ashun Kothari
3. Shreenath Tewary
4. Kalyan Maji
5. Rayan Dutta
6. Varun Nair
7. Debol Das
8. Franklin Francis
9. Rishabh Radhakrishnan
10. Rohit Guha
11. Vandesh Goyal
12.  Ayan Pal
13. Tamoghna Maitra
14. Venkatgiri Ramesh

and that was how we all made Make With Mozilla happen…

Find out the entire picture album on Facebook:
Make With Mozilla-Chennai 2016


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