Maker Party Chennai 2016

They often say, “Seize the moment”. I disagree. I believe that the moment seizes us. Small insignificant incidents in life change us. Make us who we are. With each passing day, we carry a new stone on our shoulders, we let go of a new helium balloon in the sky. Friends and family who see me today say, “You’ve changed.” I believe that people don’t change. They just become more of who they are destined to become.

When I sat for a MakerParty for the first time in 2014, it was a cool winter night (not that a Chennai person knows what winter feels like!). I was dressed in a navy blue T-shirt – my eyes giving away exactly how lost I was amidst hundreds of other technocrats discussing things that anyone without profound knowledge of the subject would have passed a judgement that we are only a bunch of sociopaths.

Gandhi had once confessed that even after delivering hundreds of speeches, he would still stay awake the night before his next speech, rehearsing, fighting stage fright, rehearsing again. This man with minimal onstage confidence managed to win freedom for a country which today boasts of a 1.28 billion population of free citizens. I am but only trying to motivate the youth.

At 20, I believe I have not achieved enough. And yet, thank God I am only 20! I have enough time left to leave a faint mark on my timeline. No one ever willingly becomes responsible, maybe why the term “rich spoilt brat” was coined. Responsibility is either a) thrown on your shoulders because you were destined for it or b) given to you for lack of a better shoulder. Both happened to me and the rich spoilt brat became a responsible 20 year old.

You will learn as much as a leader as you will as a follower. As you make a leader out of yourself, you learn in the process. I have seen myself grow, I have seen myself get up from the audience seat and take the stage. I have seen myself making a mark in people’s lives. I have seen people laugh at my jokes. I have seen India’s future twinkling in the eyes of an 18 year old. We live for these moments really, these are moments that seize us, don’t you agree?

As I have successfully been able to change my role from a follower to a leader, a student to a businessman, a party animal to a philanthropist, I have seen myself become more of what I am destined to become.


I have often been asked, “How did you do everything that you did?” I usually do not reply. People do not like to hear the truth. The truth, if you care, is that if you are willing to give up on sleep, leisure and pleasure, if you are ready to keep at a problem for 20 hours straight, if an error free algorithm gives you the high that grass cannot, if you manage to accept 1999 rejections in the hope of the 2000th acceptance, you will get there – today or in twenty years. There are no miracles or child prodigies, no stones or mantras, no karma or dharma.

It’s this simple: Input -> Process -> Output.  

2014 to 2016 was an entire phase of transition and so was my co-workers, some where there some were not, some left while some held me no matter what. I’ve been supported by a bunch of young minds who have the urge to learn and too aspire to give back to the society.

The stupidest man on earth is the one who believes he has learnt enough, achieved enough, seen enough. I believe in superpowers – perseverance is mine. I wanted to host a Maker Party, and I did.

I have been working closely with Julia Vallera from the USA. With the help of her guidance and ideas, I was able to conceptualise, plan and execute Maker Party Chennai 2016.

My focus of this event was to empower the youth of today, the pillars of India tomorrow. I believe that telling youngsters what they should do is not the solution. I believe in letting them get an objective view of a particular situation and allowing them to decide how and what to do with it. This time, we engaged students in copyright issues, hacking business problems and other real time problems and induced an environment where problem solving set the mood of the venue.

From the spectator’s glasses, I could see an India that thinks, and leads.

Jeyanthan,CollabNet who was about to leave for Berlin that night itself, managed to come and deliver a talk on Git Versioning , and indeed I feel thankful for his presence.

Varun Raj, Skcript had been associated with me since the HTML5 Hackathon scheduled on late February 2015 was also there to give  a a talk on Web Apps.

A bunch of activities to solve realtime problems were designed by Mozillians for the entire event that would be quite relevant to the budding Open Source enthusiasts.
Read more : here


The much awaited evening was concluded by a fantastic drone show  by Strom RC and another feather to my cap. The positive feedback post event from my mentors and colleagues made me realise yet again – it’s these small moments that you live for. That you die for.



Cheers to the team

Sourath | Ashun | Shreenath | Adwitiya | Rayan | Rohit | Kaushik | Kalyan | Jenny

            Debol | Aditya | Shikhar | Farag | Raj | Venkatgiri | Shubham | Azhar




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