Let’s MAKE & not just BAKE

There is a reason why the original Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is priceless, Mozart’s music is worshipped, Shakespeare is immortal. An idea can change the world if it is original enough. Because no one loves a baby more than a mother, nobody appreciates a painting more than the painter. Adoption, improvisation, innovation – they can only take you so far!

Communities are recognised and praised across the globe because of their strength and continuous efforts towards the cause of the open source. But before we proceed, let’s huddle up, sit, and introspect. We are good. But is being good enough? Can we be better? If yes, why haven’t we started already?

Clubs/Communities focus on hosting events and taking sessions with the help of the existing resources. The focus on curriculum building is minimal, thus attempts to address issues being faced by the attendees are often overlooked.

One of the biggest issues that the Mozilla Community in South Asian sub-continent face is the lack of curriculum designers. The clubs who have the personnel capable of designing viable curriculums lack the mindset to design their own curriculums.
I blame our work culture for that, but we are here to break the stereotype, I believe?

We host and organise events based on the existing curriculum, the existing curriculum/teaching activities is sufficient in all spheres; but sometimes, in order to maximise impact and make the web, the existing curriculums need to be modified to suit the circumstances. Imagine teaching an English kid Sa Re Ga Ma Pa instead of do re mi fa so la ti do! No, as the language, culture, country changes, so does the mind set. We are the torch bearers of open source, we are responsible for the upholding of the web, so let us act like one!

Through Curriculum Design Workshops, we intend to focus on this issue. We need to change the way Mozilla Clubs / Mozilla Campus Clubs and above all communities in the entire South Asia perceive the entire philosophy of Curriculum Design, understand its importance and most importantly include it as an integral part in the functioning of their respective clubs.

With the help of Curriculum Design Workshops, we attempt to raise awareness towards the art of ‘Curriculum Building’ and ‘Understanding the Target Group’. We want the clubs to focus on quality and impact, every place has a different set of people, pertaining to different social backgrounds, facing different issues. So it is very important for the sessions facilitators to understand those issues and design a curriculum that will help people solve those issues (candid to the particular area). In this way, we believe the impact of a sessions/campaign can be maximised.

We are a country of 1.2 billion brilliant minds, let us use some to enlighten the rest.


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