APARAJITA– the undefeated one.

Wounds heal, words don’t. Sometimes, it takes more than a packet of air to be able to breathe. A heart break hurts more than a broken bone, it only takes one person to change one world. The Bengali word Aparajita means the one that cannot be defeated. I had a read a story where the writer said that usually, when parents name their newborn, God smiles an evil smile. The child spends the rest of his/her adult life trying to live up to their name and miserably failing at it. I met a girl aged about 18yrs. An average teen on the outside. A fierce warrior inside. She did not let God win, she lived up to her name.

Her name is Aparajita – the undefeated one. The internet is something humans made but humans fail to understand. Social media is the new data giant of homo sapiens, by homo sapiens, for homo sapiens. The 0s and 1s of the computer’s brain cannot do any physical harm, and yet cyber bullying is real, cybercrime is rampant and ignorance is evident. Parents always fear the unknown, for their child’s sake if not their own. That is why mothers cried so hard when their sons left to study or trade in far off lands. This is also why parents warn their kids about the cellular phone and the internet. They despise it but their love for their kids makes them install the devil at home. To top that, you have India’s patriarchy where women are at fault even if the sun fails to rise in time. Now, in a situation like this, imagine the situation of a girl who was a victim of cyber crime, was also an Indian daughter and thus an obvious defaulter, under the Indian judicial system and thus sure that justice would not be met with. You would expect her to accept defeat, right? But it’s persons like her who show us the light, set an example, tell us that if the purpose is true, one soul is enough to save the world.

“Facebook-The imperfect corner for improper stuffs.” – Aparajita.


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