design HIGH ; pitch SOBER

I belong to the conventional developer background(technically speaking) because after all I am Computer Science Engineering student. But I never believed that one’s stream or branch can restrict one’s learning. If you’re passionate enough (or) a jerk: who’s probably interested in exploring all possibilities then yes you’re rolling it well.

I believe, “Being a Techie isn’t enough. If you’re not aware of what the market is how the business works you won’t be able to make money.” I really don’t consider myself greedy saying that because it’s something we all have to admit at some point in time. I mean, who doesn’t want to die rich?

So early this year I started off looking for an Internship which could help me to get knowledge closely on multiple business models and strategies. And it always had to be a Startup – to keep up the pace and go-to-office-in-shorts attitude in me. I landed up at Inkmonk – India’s largest marketplace for printing services.

Key take away from a 2-months Internship on Business Development at Inkmonk?

  • Know your CUSTOMERS
  • Know your PRODUCTS
  • Understand and build the STRATEGIES to SUSTAIN with your PRODUCTS & CUSTOMERS.

Basically, don’t shoot in the dark, we had enough blindfolded-donkey-tail-nailing birthday parties for that!

design HIGH; pitch SOBER
They say, never promise more than you can deliver. In fact, promise less, deliver more- and see the client’s eyes twinkle!

Startup culture is like a fresher in college who starts smoking. You are skeptical about it first but do it coz everyone else is doing it. And then it’s addiction.

Thanks, Isaac and team for giving me this opportunity to intern with Inmonk. It’s a good addition, you guys!



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