People first; Tech second

Community = People > Tech

Community-driven technologies are built at the speed of inclusion — the pace necessary not just to create a tool but to do so with in-depth communal input and stewardship — and directly respond to the needs, ideas, and wants of those they’re intended to benefit.

Community building is comprised of practices geared toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a common interest.


Last weekend I was invited by Paras Pundir from Venturesity to deliver a talk at Hacktalks on “How to build and grow a Hacker Community?” I was really excited to meet folks from multiple sectors ranging from students to professionals in startup ecosystem and more. My entire approach towards this talk was to pitch in more about how to ensure Community building in any ecosystem. Say it a college/university campus or a startup.

People often do a lot of analytical case study on communities with numbers. I believe communities need more of strategic approach thinking beyond numbers.
There are 3 – mantras which can definitely help one to build and grow/sustain their community in a long run.

  1. TG [Understanding the Target Group]
    – Know who your audience is – is it a college freshers / your developers crowd at your healthy startup?
    – Well, the approach is different even b/w a fresher & a senior crowd of a college – the strategies varies.

  2. What is #TRENDING
    – Know your abilities and then move ahead – Don’t expect a freshers crowd who just are done with +2 to come and interact in a Machine Learning/AI community meetup.

    – Build a network of folks where one can make connections and create connections. That’s how communities work after all.


Congratulations to the entire team of  
Venturesity for hosting Hacktalks to build a grip among the Community enthusiasts from Bangalore, IN.  The CMX Chapter Bangalore led by Shreyas has been very active in hosting and continuing similar meetups engaging communities & community enthusiasts on weekends. I’ve attended the Community Manager’s Breakfast Meetup. I’m sure there will be more. If you’re in around do attend one. Cheers!