19 Years, 19 Experiences, 1 Person

01.Be an alchemist – don’t learn the art to make gold, learn it for knowledge and gold will follow your fingertips.

02.All five fingers of the hand are equally important – treat colleagues as brothers and you will never miss family.

03.Working hard is important – work smart is though, the only way to success.

04.Friends at work make better friends because they struggle with you through your hardest hours of the day.

05.Be a Roman when in Rome – but make sure the Romans do take notice of.

06.Trust yourself, that’s overconfidence – trust your effort, that’s experience.

07.Do things which is impactful -not for the sake of doing it.

08.It didn’t work out in the past because it will work out in the future.

09.Know your goals and run towards the post – the world is at your feet.

10.Prevention is better than cure, why go for disaster management when you can avoid the disaster?

11.Explode, scream, hit the wall, cry – don’t tell yourself no one cares.

12.You cannot save nature, you are nature. Love yourself, save the planet for the next generation.

13.Do not settle for the mediocre life, leave a mark. You owe this to yourself!

14.Only a good listener can become a good speaker.

15.Don’t beat around the bush, specificity is the key to a successful conversation.

16.Worrying never solved a situation – so let’s not stress the mind.

17.Life isn’t hard. The brain just needs a constant dose of self-motivation.

18.Discuss work. Not people.

19.Learn – Ideate – Deploy – Repeat.